Lake Manyara National Park

Lake Manyara National Park is an incredible paradise of groundwater forest fed by natural underground springs. While Lake Manyara is a small park, it is incredibly amazing and home to a diverse range of wildlife and birds. The most popular attraction is the tree-climbing lions, which draw visitors from all over the world to Lake Manyara  Safari to see these unique predators roaring through the forest. In addition, the park teems with wildlife such as elephants, hippos, buffaloes, giraffes, antelopes, and some troops of baboons. Lake Manyara is easily accessible by both air and tarmac roads the most iconic points hot springs

The Hippo Viewpoint

The hippo viewpoint is one of the most unique features that draw millions of visitors from all over the world to Lake Manyara national park, only because it’s the only place in the park that allows visitors to leave the vehicle and view the hippopotamus on foot. Great photography opportunities abound here as the large groups of hippos may huddle together grunting and spouting in the water.

Bird Watching

Lake Manyara offers a great introduction to fascinating birdlife in Tanzania. Bird watching is one of the best things that one shouldn’t think of skipping especially when visiting Africa. Lake Manyara gives the greatest opportunity of bird watching (over 400 species have been documented). Flamingo and some of the other birds do gather along the lakeshore in flocks of thousands and several hundred thousand. However, more interesting species such as crowned eagles, crested guinea fowl, secretary bird, and silvery cheeked hornbills can be viewed in the evergreen forest. Once in Manyara National Park, you can see more than 100 bird species in a single day.

Troops of Olive Baboons

The forest at the entrance of the park gate is home to hundreds of olive baboons, chilling and playing along the roadside. Elephants favor the acacia woodland, just like Manyara’s lions. You can see them climbing and resting along the branches of large fig trees. Another highlight is the magnificent sight of thousands of pink-hued flamingos in the lake during the wet season. Other wildlife in Manyara includes hippos, bush babies, leopards, and giraffes. Furthermore, bird lovers can spot over 400 bird species in this park, such as hornbills, pelicans, and the Lilac Breasted rollers.