Lake Natron is found in the northern part of Tanzania. The nearest towns to Lake Natron are Arusha in Tanzania and Magadi in Kenya. Lake Natron is a salt and soda lake, located in the Arusha Region of Tanzania. It fed primarily by the Southern Ewaso Ng’iro River, which stems from central Kenya, as well as mineral-rich hot springs. The lake has become iconic for the swooping flocks of flamingos that call this soda lake home. Without the safety of Lake Natron, this species would be near extinction

Lesser Flamingo

This lake is extremely alkaline and therefore so toxic that hardly any animals can survive, except flamingos. Furthermore, Lake Natron is the main breeding ground in East Africa for millions of Lesser Flamingos. It famed for the massive flocks of these pink birds and the amazing red and orange colours of the lake. Although very remote and rather hot, Lake Natron offers unique beauty that is truly worth a visit.

Ol Doinyo Lengai

This is the only active volcano in East Africa and the third highest mountain in Tanzania. In the Maasai language, the name Oldoinyo Lengai means ‘Mountain of God’. The summit of this strato-volcano is 2962 metres above sea level, and affords direct views into the caldera of Tanzania’s only officially certified active volcano, and the world’s only carbonatite volcano; records of eruptions have been maintained since 1883, the largest of which deposited ash 100 kilometres away in Loliondo on the Kenyan border to the north-west.