Tarangire National Park is a birder’s and elephant lover’s paradise. It’s home to the largest population of elephants in East Africa, as well as over 550 bird species. During the dry season, animals congregate around the Tarangire River, the region’s only source of water. The ecology of the park is extremely complex, with beautiful baobab trees strewn around.

It’s one of the few places on the planet where you can get a direct view of the African landscape. Many of the baobab trees are estimated to be over 2000 years old. Elephant migration, birding, and a true safari experience are all highlights of Tarangire National Park.

The middle and the end of the dry season that runs from late June to October is the best time for Safari in Tarangire National Park. June to October still marks the high / peak tourist season with so many tourists filling the park. Most of the animals move out of the park during the wet season and viewing animals is at that timeless rewarding.

From June to October (the dry season), the animals gather around the Tarangire River and this is the best time to visit. There is little rainfall during this time of the year hence making it the time with the best weather for game viewing. On the other hand, the low tourist season comes in March, April, and May, when the park is experiencing the wet season. The Park characterized by heavy rains, hence the worst weather but good for the bird watchers.